Me, Anna and Andy and the 6 year old!


I tell people I am just an average person.  I grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and since then lived in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and now I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I love it here, NO SNOW!

I have training as an engraver, jeweler and sign maker.  I have my own sign business and specialize in  government mandated ADA signs, you know the ones with the little bumps you see in all public restrooms and suites.  I enjoy my work and sometimes wish I had more time for writing.


I started writing the Anna and Andy series about seven years ago.  I call the picture books "The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird."  Anna and Andy are real and lived on my back patio for six years.  I fell in love with them, and since my Grandchildren loved them too, I decided to write about them.  I have a really great imagination, therefore it was not difficult to take some of the things I watched them doing and turn it into an adventure.  "THE BEAST" in Book 2 is a perfect example.  It is a 10 book series with, at this time, 1 thru 8 published.  9 and 10 will be completed in 2019.  I have the the stories done, just need to finalize.

Many of the stories are true and Book 1 starts out with Anna and Andy being hatched on a beautiful Spring day.


My approach to writing was GO FOR IT!  I knew I needed to make it easy to read, include colorful pictures and bold lettering.  I turned myself into a 6 year old and jumped right in.

It is truly fun, and once I had my grammar fine tuned, (did use some editors) I went for it.  I have since written three more children's picture books through Createspace (Amazon) and a couple of fiction books for adults and even though I know I am not perfect, I do my best.  We all know not everyone is perfect, except maybe Stephen King!  I hope you enjoy reading them to your children, that is why they were written.   

The other books I have published outside of The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird will be featured in following pages.


If you are interested in the books you may e-mail me at  You can also phone me at 702-364-5212, during the week I will answer with my business name but I almost always say "this is Linda."


I always have stock of my books and if you get them directly from me I can sign them for you!


Email or call me for prices.  Hard cover or Soft cover and shipping costs.