5 Short Stories is now available through most online book stories! Page 31.
Books 7 and 8 are almost done for Anna and Andy!
Hope to have by Christmas '16
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Meet Anna and Andy
Meet The Nice Lady
Some information about Anna and Andy, Pages 4 and 5.
Meet The Nice Ladies daughters, Editors, Page 6 and 7.
Print out pages of the books in black and white and color them, Pages 9 through 14.
Sign my Guestbook, Page Guestbook
Order/Purchase Books, Page 15
Upcoming events, Page 16
Sneak previews about next 3 books, Page 17
How to make Hummingbird Nectar,  Page 18

A few words with the Author, Linda P. Young (The Nice Lady)  Page 19
Just a few words and some insight of the day (periodically added to).  Page 20
Pictures of the bookmarks and start of 5 pages of unique bookmarks.  Page 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25.
Maylee and The Brown Paper Bag,  Page 27
Little Willy "Wiggle" Schmiggle, Page 28
Just talking, Page 29
A little about adult short stories I am writing, Page 30
5 Short Stories that just aren't write!, Page 31
Millicent Gets Wings, Page 32
My Characters, Page 33
Meet Abby, Page 34

5 Short Stories is a adult fiction book.  15 MINUTES the first story, is my signature story.  Other 4 were written to make the book.  It is truly unique.  You can go to Amazon.com, type in name of book, when it comes up click on book.  Description is right below it.