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Books 7 and 8 are almost done for Anna and Andy!
Hope to have by Christmas '16
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There are, at this time, 3 more books written about Anna and Andy's Adventures.  Book 3 is about Anna and Andy meeting the Grandchildren, Book 4 is more adventures including The Saw, The Bee's to name a few and Book 5 will be about Anna and Andy meeting there little sister and brother Ruby and Henry.  I am sure they will have more fun adventures for you to read about and I hope you enjoy them.  We will see how the first two books do and then ,hopefully, I will print the others.

Hi everyone,
  Well to let you know what is going on, I am in process of having Books 3 and 4 published.  Book 3, I believe, will be my best.  Even though I am getting better with each book it is all a learning experience.  It will be titled The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird, subtitled, Anna and Andy meet the Grandchildren.  I believe kids will get a kick out of these 3 stories.  Story 11 The Scavenger Hunt, Book 12 "Zen" the dragon and Book 13 Goodbye.  Book 4 has more adventures 14 - 18 to include, The Bee's, The Saw, Stanley, "Zippy" the Wooden Hummingbird and finally, The Storm.

   I will be going to the Tucson Festival of Books on March 9th and 10th.  I will be signing and selling all 4 books.  This will be my first time doing a major book festival and I am excited to see if I can push myself forward in the book market.  Stop by if you can.