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Books 7 and 8 are almost done for Anna and Andy!
Hope to have by Christmas '16
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   Today is May 7, 2014 and it is a beautiful day in Las Vegas.  I am spending most of my day working on this web site.  Damn, it is not easy to get what I want.
   Seems like I do something and it shows up wrong.  At any rate I have spent most of my day here and am ready for something else.
   Maybe a little book writing.  I need to go through Millicent Gets Wings and get it smoothed out and ready for Molly to edit.  Then I have to start the illustrations.  Books: Little Willy "Wiggle" Schmiggle and Maylee and The Brown Paper Bag were done through CreateSpace.  Millicent will be done same way.  All of this type of book will have a question page for the child to answer things that were in the book.  There will always be a picture of something or someone in each book
depicting who the next book will be about.  This I started with Maylee and will continue as long as I have creatures to write about.
   Sometimes it will take me 3 or 4 times worth of changes before I come up with what I want.  Millicent is about a little mouse who meets Anna and Andy and Andy feeling sorry for her because she has no wings to go flying with the.  Anna and Andy decided to make Tilly (her nickname) her own set of wings.  It is a fun adventure and Tilly definitely has a lot of fun.
   I love book 5 of the Anna and Andy series.  Subtitled The Story of Zen.  He tells Anna and Andy all about his life.  Where he was born, his sister Dayhanee, the village he grew up in, his king, how old he is and of course how he came about living in The Nice Lady's backyard.  I really think children will really like it.