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Books 7 and 8 are almost done for Anna and Andy!
Hope to have by Christmas '16
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   I have completed my first book in adult fiction, a more mature audience.  The name of the book is 5 Short Stories that just aren't write.  It is horror or as one reviewer put it Macabre. The name of first story is "15 MINUTES",  second is: "Room 326, the third: The Portal, the fourth: Decision, the fifth: When the Leaves Scream."  Writing adult books is a lot  more challenging than children's picture books.  All 5 stories are good but it is the first one 15 MINUTES that I would like everyone to read.  This book is done and published and I would love to send you one. The books is $6 and shipping will be around $5. Just contact me at: fiveshortstorieshorror@gmail.com.