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Books 7 and 8 are almost done for Anna and Andy!
Hope to have by Christmas '16
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Anna and Andy are about 5 years old now.  They have grown so fast.  It has always been a pleasure for my Husband and I to watch them play.  Do you recall the event in the books where Anna fell out of the nest and her little legs got caught in the nest and kept her from falling to the ground, that really happened!  Jerry, my Husband, got up on his ladder and pushed her back into the nest.  Momma was trying so hard to get her to right herself.  I cannot imagine what might have happened to her if I had not seen her Momma desperately poking at her.  Remember the story about the "Beast" that also happened.  Remember "Gnomey" that too is a real story.  Anna and Andy always have been curious and let nothing around their home (tree) go unnoticed!  The "Bully Brothers" is a true story too.  Brutus and Bart stuck around for about 3 years always chasing other little Hummers out of their territory (actually Anna and Andy's). Brenda Bully came about 2 years after her brothers left and there will be an upcoming story about her too.