Meet Anna and Andy Part 2

Anna and Andy's Adventures varied, they included The Beast, a Spider and Garden Gnome, a Wooden spinning hummingbird, a Flower garden, A DRAGON and many more creatures.  Now, Anna and Andy can talk to other animals, inanimate objects (things that aren't alive) and that is a pretty big word so you may want to have your Mom, Dad, Grandma or anyone who is reading this to you explain what that means.  By reading the books you will soon learn what it means.

Anna and Andy have many friends and they are not all birds. Because Anna and Andy have always done things together, especially playing, they have made many friends.  It is their friends, now and yet to meet, that keep them active.  Anna is the more serious hummingbird and Andy is the more, let's say less serious.  He likes to have fun!    So as you browse the website I hope you enjoy the pictures, video, and their are even pictures that are in the books that you can print out to color match the ones in the books, or if you are like Andy, color them all different.  I hope you enjoy this site very much.

Logo, Silhouette of Anna & Andy

This silhouette has become a standard in the world of Anna and Andy Hummingbird.

Sitting in their nest

Momma had build this nest very well and the 2 of them fit just fine, plenty of wiggle room.

This is Diggle!

Diggles owner is Willy Wiggle Schmiggle.

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