Maylee and The Brown Paper Bag

This is Maylee

Maylee is to cute.  She is now about 3 years old.  She has a gray coat with black splotches. She is extremely playful and loving.  She met Jeremy on her first day of searching for someone to live with.  She knew he would be perfect, AND HE WAS!  He is so much fun to play with and she has a cute little bed in his bedroom.  If you read the story about her you will see that she was born with a large blue nose and her kitten friends always made fun of her and she needed to find someone who would love her even with a blue nose.

This is Jeremy

Jeremy is her best friend in the whole world.  As a matter of fact, you might say Jeremy is her world.  He does everything for her, she get 2 meals a day plus treats, she has her own bed and many toys, he takes her to the doctor if she needs one and he pets and holds her a lot.  He also says he loves her blue nose and thinks that is what sets her out from his friends pets. Every evening, after dinner, they go for a walk together.  He loves to watch her chase the birds and one time she even chased a dog!  His parents are wonderful too!

This is the other star of the book

This is how Jeremy got his parents to fall in love with Maylee.  When he first came into his yard he knew he would have to persuade them to let him keep her.  He decided that he would put here in a large paper bag and set her on his front porch........  Oh My, I am telling you all about the book.  You should get the book and read the story.  I am positive you will love it.