Anna and Andy Hummingbird

Hi everyone! Can you see Anna and Andy in the tree?  See if you can find them!

These pages are about Anna and Andy so you can get to know them better.  Anna and Andy were hatched in the Spring of 2010.  Book 1, Stories 1 through 5, takes you through the start of their journey.  Anna was hatched first, and Andy arrived two days later.  Momma's beautiful nest was full.  Her home would keep them safe and warm.     She must feed her babies about every fifteen to twenty minutes (they kept her busy) and they grew fast.  She was a good mother, her name was Pip, and you will meet her later.  She did have siblings for Anna and Andy, their names are Ruby and Henry and there is a story about them in Book 6, Pip brings Ruby and Henry to meet their siblings Anna and Andy.  Pip tells Anna and Andy to take their little sister and brother under their wings and show them how to have fun!

  • While they were growing and being fed Pip was kept very busy.  Two mouths to feed!  Many things would need to be done to get them ready for their lives in such a beautiful world.  Mom would have to teach them to fly, how to drink nectar from flowers and hummingbird feeders that The Nice Lady provided for them all over her back patio.  This is where they were born and Pip and her children became The Nice Lady's best friends.  She grew to love them and helped Pip watch over them.  The Nice Lady decided to put some of their adventures into story form and with her imagination nothing was impossible.
  • Story 1 is about their hatching and is true. Story 2, "The Fall with Anna and Andy," is a true story and this became the introduction of The Nice Lady to Anna, Andy and Pip.  It was a bright sunny morning and The Nice Lady stepped out her back door to see how the new family was doing.  Well, she got a fright of her life!  Anna was hanging upside down on the OUTSIDE of the nest with her tiny leg caught in it, and Pip was trying frantically to push her back into the nest.  If she falls to the ground she may not survive.
  • The Nice Lady ran in her house to get her husband to help Pip.  He got one of his tall ladders, propped it against the limb and climbed up to Anna.  He put his finger gently against her body and pushed her back into the nest.  Andy and Pip were both so terrified it took them several hours to settle down.  This interaction with the family made the bond between hummingbird and human fantastical and The Nice Lady (and her husband) enjoyed all three of them for a very long time.