Millicent Gets Wings

This is Millicent

Millicent is a cute little mouse who has moved into our barn in the backyard.  She was befriended by Anna and Andy.  She is not much bigger than Anna and Andy.  She loves to eat bird seed, and any other thing that is chewable!

This is our barn and Millicent's home.

Millicent has been living in the barn for about a year now.  She is very quite and we very seldom see her.  She sleeps during the day and goes out at night, she is nocturnal, ask your Mom or Dad what that means.  Can you see her peeking under the barn door?

Millicent's Wings Jacket

Anna and Andy were very upset that Millicent could not go on adventures with them so they came up with an idea to build here some wings, she had such a small body they knew it could work.  So they built her a jacket that had strings going along her arms that she could move and flap.  IT WORKED!