Pictures of characters

Book 3

This is a picture of 4 of my grandchildren, I now have 6.  Alyssa, Karsten, Reece and Drew.  This is a fun book as the children are introduced to Anna, Andy and ZEN the Dragon.  This book has 3 stories, the grandchildren take Anna and Andy on a Scavenger hunt, they take them back to meet ZEN the Dragon and last story is about the grandchildren going home to Wisconsin and saying goodbye to Anna and Andy.  Now, Anna and Andy cannot talk to The Nice Lady but they can talk to children!

ZEN the Dragon

This is a picture of the grandchildren meeting Zen for the first time.  Zen loves chocolate so each one had a chocolate bar for him.  He was such a friendly dragon and he treated the children with such care.  They would crawl up his large scales and sit on top of him and he took them on whatever adventure they wanted....the children went to a carnival with rides and Anna and Andy went to a beautiful field filled with flowers.

Abby reading

This picture is of Abby at the Tucson Festival of Books.  Every year her mom would bring her to get the next book in the series, she really likes Anna and Andy.

Some of Anna and Andy's favorite flowers!

Anna and Andy really loved flowers, the nectar is so sweet.

Many different feeders

I have had many different types of feeders over the years, this is one of their favorites.

My backyard

After my granddaughter had been here for a visit, I called her and asked her to draw me a picture, from memory, of my backyard.  She did not know what it was for. I put it on the first page of book 3 and when she saw it she freaked out.  I felt she might like that.  There are facts about Anna and Andy with it.