Little Willy

Willy Wiggle Schmiggle

Little Willy "Wiggle" Schmiggle is a little boy who loved to wiggle all the time.  See if you can tell by these following pictures what he is doing!

I bet you can tell what he is doing here.

How many of you play soccer? Willy loves to play too, but he wiggles the whole time!

This one he is building a snowman and he is wiggling!

His mother realized early on that he was a wiggler!

This is Diggle

Diggle is Willy's very best friend and he is always with Willy, he wiggles too.

He even wiggles while he is flying his kite

Willy loves being outdoors, do you?  There are so  many things to do outside he never gets tired.  He and Diggle love to fly kites, ride his tricycle and help his mom plant flowers in the spring.

His mother wonders sometimes where he gets his energy, do you know....?

Look who Willy is pulling around in his wagon?

Little Willy "Wiggle" Schmiggle